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64-year-old IDP stricken by prostate cancer cries out for help

A 64-year-old Internally Displaced Person, Mr. John Adamu, has cried out to governments at all levels and fellow Nigerians to come to his aid as he battles prostate cancer.

Adamu, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria at the IDP Camp, Kuchigoro, in Abuja, said on Saturday that he was doing well in Gwoza, Borno State, before Boko Haram displaced his family.

“I am here in the IDP Camp without anything. Since January this year, I have been down with prostate cancer and high blood pressure. Please, I beg government and Nigerians to come to my aid.

“I have been to the hospital at Wuse Zone 3. I was given drugs and it has helped me to some extent; I need to buy the drugs, but they are expensive.

“The last time I went, they fixed my manhood to a pipe attached to a urine sack, that I should manage, but I was told that surgery is the next and only option. The urine sack is in my pocket.

“I have tried seeking for help. I went to Human Rights Radio but was told to swear to an affidavit and I don’t have the resources.

Kuchigoro, a suburban community along the Abuja Airport highway, in the Abuja Municipal Council Area of the FCT, is about six kilometres to the Wuse hospital at Zone 3.

Adamu, who took refuge at the Kuchigoro IDP Camp, said that his case was between life and death, explaining that he almost committed suicide but for some people in the camp that encouraged him to live.

“My plea is to Nigerians and governments at all levels to help me and sponsor the surgery, so that I can have my normal life back and continue with my farming business.”


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