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ADC will clear the mess in Anambra – Ogene Igbo Thunder

Making the disclosure over the weekend, Ogene Igbo said, “This campaign is to clear the mess. We are going to bring to public glare, the atrocities that have happened in Anambra State and we will proffer solutions to them. The mess will certainly be cleared off so that the people of Anambra can have a breathe of fresh air”.

“That’s where the ADC is coming with Akachukwu Nwankpo, who is tested and proven. I am talking about ADC today because I am coming from political parties, which have had their opportunities to be at the helm of affairs in Anambra.”

“Akachukwu was in PDP and was pushed to the wall when he discovered that the PDP in Anambra was in a mess, he joined APGA and later discovered that APGA was also in a mess. Now, he is in ADC. I must say that ADC is the most peaceful and most respected political party in Nigeria. This platform will offer him the opportunity to realise his aspiration to contribute meaningfully to the development of Anambra State, so we are here to clear the mess.”

On the issue of COVID-19 and security during the campaign, Ogene Igbo said, “Political parties should ensure that they work hard, assiduously towards making sure that the COVID-19 protocols are strictly adhered to at their gatherings”.

“Security is paramount because  insecurity kills more than Covid-19, just as malaria kills more than Covid-19. So, as we scream Covid-19, security should also be in the front burner. The level of insecurity across the nation is high, it is not just in Anambra or because we are holding election here.”

“Anambra is ready for the election; we are ready to protect our territorial integrity, the people of Anambra own the security of this state not just government. You can see the youths on the street arresting criminals, the vigilante groups are arresting criminals, as people are talking about security at the kindred level.So in this election, every political party, every candidate, should factor in the fact that security of lives and property should not be toyed with or taken as business as usual.”


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