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Any challenging roles so far?

Every role is challenging because as much to bring in something new not what you have seen before.

Tell us your role in the latest film, Lockdown Heat

I like stories that when people watch they can relate to it, so when I got the script I was like this sort of thing happens to a friend of mine. So, it’s like I portray what happened to her in the movie an d I believe people will love it.

Yes, in the movie there was a lot of smooching but I feel comfortable with my co-actor, Efa Iwara. He is my friend, so I was up-close and everything is natural because that is how we vibe… so nothing.

I know that we love romance films in Nigeria and with what’s going on in the country, we need love. We just want to watch a movie and feel good. We don’t want to overthink, we just want to relax.

Name the actor you admire so much?

In Hollywood, I like Tyler Perry and I admire his strength but in Nollywood, I have been working with fantastic actors.

What would you like to change in the Nigerian film industry?

It is the way people perceive the female actors and the actors in general. Most people think we don’t make money from acting. Though we don’t earn much, people don’t believe that we spend what we earn. The perception people see when actors buy a brand new car, they would say ‘it’s from Sugar daddy or sugar mummy that bought you the car.’

But these actors are working every day like every week. Actors are on set and some people earn as much as N400,000 per movie so why won’t they afford to live a good life. So people really need to change their perception of us (the actors). I don’t know-how. I don’t know what needs to change for people to be able to see us differently but the notion has to change.

Could it be the way actors showcase wealth on social media?

Well, some people are not in the industry for acting sake. For me, I’m in the film industry to act and make legit money because I need to get paid for any role I play. My advice for an upcoming actor is to be focused, be determined and know why you are coming to this industry. Like some people will say, ‘I just want to be famous like you’ but who cares for fame? So you have to know the reason you’re joining the industry.

Where do you see yourself in the 5 years?

I see myself as a film director.

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