Iyabo Ojo: I first experienced poverty during marriage to my ex

In a recent interview with Toke Makinwa, the media personality Ojo recounted her initial visit to her ex-husband’s house.

She said she was taken aback by his living conditions in a ‘face-to-face’ apartment.

Ojo explained that she had grown up in a financially comfortable family with all the basic amenities.

She added that she encountered poverty when she married her ex, although she described the initial experience as fun and adventurous.

“When I went to my husband’s house for the first time, I did not even know there were face-me-I-slap-you apartments,” the actress said.

“Most times, do not blame the rich when they do not understand the problems of the poor, because I never knew what poverty was all about. In my house, we had an industrial generator.

“Once the light goes off in a few seconds, the light is up. My grandmother was one of the richest women in those days. I had a car to myself that took me to school and brought me back.

“The only time I experienced poverty was when I married my ex-husband. Initially, it was fun. It was like an adventure.”

Iyabo Ojo got married to Ademidun Ojo in 1999, but their union ended in divorce in 2001.

They both have two children together.

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