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Nigerian Navy, Ahmadu Bello University hold meeting on research


The Nigerian Navy (NN) and a delegation from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, today had a presentation on a research effort for the use of local materials to protect ship decks (floors) against corrosion. The session featured the presentation of a report on the Joint Research Work between the NN and ABU from the Department of Glass and Silica Technology.

The presentation centered on the First Phase of the development of composite laminate using glass polymer for ship deck system. It presented the development of a coating system using local materials on ship weather deck to prevent corrosion. The joint session saw the success of the first phase of the research work to pave way for the second phase.

The second phase would involve the application of the developed coating to a designated ship’s deck to monitor progress/and other necessary parameters that would pave way for full future application of the coating system/laminate towards corrosion prevention. Both the NN and ABU agreed to further the research work.

The 17 man NN team was led by Rear Admiral AN Ayafa while the 5 man ABU team was led by Associate Professor BH Diya’uddeen.

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