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No cracks in Bauchi APC says Caretaker Chair

Alhaji Uba Nana, Chairman, Caretaker Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bauchi State, has said there is no division in the party.

Nana spoke in an interview with that in Bauchi, saying the party had not experienced any division or fracas in the state, before and after the ward congresses.

He said the report about an alleged crack was baseless and an unfounded speculation to tarnish the image of the political party in the state.

“We never had any division or fracas even before and after the ward congresses, instead we remain an entity in the state.

“We had a vibrant and agreed congresses through consensus which even bonded members of the party.

“Stakeholders in all the wards and the local government unanimously agreed that the ward congresses should be through consensus,” he said.

Nana also explained that the party constitution encouraged consensus so that issues raised could be resolved amicably as a family affair.

He said consensus was the best option for congress compared to other election processes because of its simplicity and understanding among stakeholders.

He said the party had a rancour-free congresses,  that no case was reported in any police station and no petition was written by any member.

“The state chapter of the party was applauded by the national headquarters of the party for having a rancour-free congresses.

“The party is working hard to further unite members who are unsatisfied with one thing or the other while building fences of trust,” he said.

“Our party does not really have any problem in the state and by the special grace of God, we will continue to provide the necessary leadership needed,” he said

“He, alongside players like Kanu Nwankwo and few others are still financially stable, unlike other celebrated stars, who did not plan properly for the rainy day,” he said. The NAN

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