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WHO Investment Case, 2025–2028: All for Health, Health for All

The 14th General Programme of Work (GPW14), the World Health Organization’s new plan for 2025–2028, will be put up for approval by member states at the 77th World Health Assembly. With assistance from the WHO Secretariat, all Member States and partners collaborated to create the strategy, which will hasten improvements in health and well-being for all people, everywhere. Through the GPW14, WHO will have achieved further significant health benefits by 2028, saving 40 million lives through the collaborative efforts of WHO, Member States, and partners in a wide range of health-related fields.

In order to implement this plan, WHO must have stable funding sources. On this occasion, WHO’s new investment case, “All for Health, Health for All,” will be introduced. Produced with input from WHO Member States, stakeholders, and global health partners, this publication will highlight WHO’s distinctive value proposition, policy commitments, and transformative potential under GPW14. Rich statistics and case studies of the WHO’s national and international impact will be given to the participants. As Member States and others unite behind a sustainably financed WHO, speakers will outline the organization’s unique role in global health, discuss the opportunities and challenges facing global health in the next four years, and express their support for a successful investment round.

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