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Ahmed Musa, Olanrewaju splash billions for Lekki houses

Ahmed Musa and Olarenwaju Kayode are not only firing goals on the pitch, they are also striking it big in real estate business in the high-brow Lagos neigbourhood of Lekki.

Thanks to the cash he has made in Russia, England and most recently in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Musa has invested big time in real estate in his birth place of Jos, Kano, Kaduna and also Lagos.

SCORENigeria specially learnt that the Super Eagles skipper shelled out 1.4 Billion Naira to build an estate of terrace houses in Lekki.

A source informed SCORENigeria that the mini-estate has 20 housing units.
But rather than rent the houses, he is selling them off.

It is the same business model that his one-time Flying Eagles teammate Kayode has embarked upon.
Kayode’s terrace houses were built by the enterprising ‘Heavy Don’, who heads Ziloc Construction and reputed to have built E-Money’s hotel and houses.

He is a close friend of the Kayodes.

Sounds great for Ahmed Musa and Kayode as they work to secure their financial security and not resort to going cap in hand when they can no longer millions from football.

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