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Federal Polytechnic, Offa Honours Fallen Heroes

Trust Africa News: By Buki Olawale

The Students Union Government of the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Under the able leadership of Comrade Ojeniyi Taiwo Elijah popularly known as Tee- Young has led thousand Of students of the polytechnic to know the institution fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price of freedom for the peace of the institution.

Trust News Africa gathered that, May 8th according to the student Union is regarded as a day of freedom from the hands of Oppressors had to be through bloodshed.

Freedom is not freely given by the oppressors it is until its been demand for by the oppressed

Trust News Africa also gathered that Some years back, the freedom of students who are non-indigenes in Offa Town were trampled upon, this set of students were restricted to some areas and they were practically treated as outlaws in a town that housed their citadel of learning. It was years of unfairness and fright for the non-indigenes until the year 2000.

The freedom of students who are non-indigenes comes with its own bloodshed.

Reports had it that In the year 2000, A lady was the victim of this inequality when she was slapped by a Mechanic, this results into an argument between the mechanic and his fellows with some students who are around the area. The matter was taken up by the SUG Excos led by the then SUG President (Comr. Kaycee), The King was said to be absent but the Excos met with the Eesa, who was the second-in-command. High Chief A. Bukoye, as a leader who wants peace in his community called for a meeting which was held at the Mini-Campus of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, those in attendance are some traditional chiefs, Fedpoffa’s Management and the SUG Excos.

The peace-oriented meeting was going on when some Local Guards invaded the campus with guns, machetes and charms. As gunshots rang out, the meeting came to an end with everyone scampering for safety. The school gates were closed down by the Intruders giving no one the opportunity to escape, the fleeing student had to bring down part of the Polytechnic’s fence to escape.

This scenario led to the death of some Intruders and some students like; Comr. Kabiawu, Emmanuel, Nurudeen, Muhydeen, and so on.

Comr. Aluta Sangaruwa (senate president) serves as a warlord for the students as he led the war valiantly. (long life our standing hero)

The institution was closed down by the Federal Government while anti-riot Police and Soldiers were drafted to maintain peace.

Both parties paid their dues. While the students spent a year sitting at home, the Indigenes whose income were contributed by the students counted their loss.

According to Sangaruwa, the senate president of the institution, he said “After darkness, came light” The mayhem of May 8th, 2000 brought not just freedom but peace, not just to Fedpoffites but to every students who study in the town of Offa and Indigenes likewise*

May 8th has always been celebrated in honor of our fallen heroes in FEDPOFFA by putting on black attires with candles moving around the school premises and later meet at the Recreational Center to drop the candles and pray for our heroes led by the student union leader’s (SUG), before the FEDPOFFA alumnis joined the remembrance in the year 17/18 to organize a commensuration program inside STELLA OBASANJO hall, mini campus. The attire was changed from BLACK to WHITE AND BLACK in that same year during the regime of Comr. Ojazman regime.

Indicating that the white colour stands for “Peace”. and the black stands to mourn our fallen heroes

This year’s peaceful rally to respect the fallen heroes will take place at the mini campus of the institution and will kick off from Stella Obasanjo lecture theater to all corners of the school.

The labour of our Heroes past shall never be in vain, he said.

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