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UBA Ghana Welcomes 44 New Management Accelerated Programme

Through its Graduate Management Accelerated Program, UBA Ghana is pleased to announce the hiring of 44 new employees as of May 2024. This cohort is the third to successfully complete the program; the first two cohorts consisted of 14 and 40 individuals, respectively.

Congratulating the graduates on their hard work and dedication over the six-month program, Head of Human Resources Evelyn Effie Quanah expressed her sincere gratitude.

The demanding training program was created to polish their abilities and get them ready for their jobs at the bank by combining classroom education with real-world work experience. Although 49 individuals enrolled in the program, she pointed out that 5 were unable to finish it for a variety of reasons; as a result, 44 graduated and were ready to start working for the banks.

Evelyn emphasized UBA’s ongoing dedication to staff development, stating, “UBA will continue to build the capacity of staff to improve profitability.”

The CEO and Managing Director of UBA Ghana, Uzoechina Molokwu, also thanked the new hires and asked them to put in a lot of effort to prove their worth and increase the bank’s output. He urged them to follow the bank’s guiding principles of excellence, enterprise, and execution in order to preserve UBA’s high standards. The significance of embracing the UBA Persona in their day-to-day job was also underlined by Molokwu.

Uzo advised the new staff the save and invest in their personal development to grow in their careers. He asked them to “avoid distractions, be content with what you have and live within your means and ensure you always follow laid down process.”
Other executives of the Bank were present to also interact with the recruits.

The newly inducted staff, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, promised to bring their best efforts to the table, ready to contribute to the bank’s continued success.

The Graduate Management Accelerated Programme (GMAP) has been introduced by the Bank to train and recruit new hires to fill up critical vacancies, help reduce unemployment, and develop critical human capital for the Bank

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