“Bisk: Unveiling the Nigerian Music Trailblazer”

Bisk, born Victor Obinna Phillips, is a Nigerian musician known for his distinctive style and ambitious approach to music. He gained recognition through his own founded label, Swissh Music. Bisk grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where he attended Chrisland School in Ikeja for primary education and later pursued secondary education at The Bells in Ogun State, Tender Touch in Festac, and Model College in Ikorodu. As a child, Bisk’s interest in music was sparked by his father, who exposed him to a wide range of genres through vinyl records, with notable influences such as Fela Kuti.

Having displayed musical talent from an early age and actively participating in school music activities, Bisk’s passion for music continued to grow. He also excelled in basketball during his youth. As a teenager, Bisk made the decision to pursue a career in music and ventured to the United Kingdom. There, he studied business administration and musical engineering.

Bisk’s musical style, which he dubs “Champion Zound,” showcases his versatility in infusing Afrobeat with various genres. His exposure to the dancehall and Jamaican culture in London, alongside interactions with friends and peers, enabled him to blend Afro fusion music with other influences. The Champion Zound represents a fusion of different genres, lifestyles, and cultures.

Initially hesitant to share his music with a wider audience, Bisk experienced a change of heart in 2015 after receiving encouragement from friends, family, and others who recognized his talent. One of his notable early successes was the collaboration with his brother P Dubb on the track “Girl Dem Know,” featuring Bisk’s enchanting hook and delivery.

Bisk’s breakthrough came with his single “Electrifyin,” released in 2016, which significantly impacted his career. Building on this momentum, he followed up with the releases of “I No Send” and “Ginger.” In 2022, Bisk faced a personal loss with the passing of his father, an event that profoundly influenced him and further motivated him to pursue his musical aspirations. Honoring his father’s memory, he returned in 2023 with the groundbreaking track “Jaga Jaga,” which has garnered widespread acclaim and attracted audiences from East Africa and beyond.

Bisk’s upbringing spans various locations, including Maryland in Ikeja, Lagos. His musical journey encompasses multiple educational institutions, including the aforementioned primary and secondary schools. He also attended Northeast college Tottenham London uk in Tottenham, London. Bisk’s musical endeavors are supported by his own label, Swissh Music.

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